• High gain; full bodied sustain, 30 watts, Custom Mesquite Cabinetry
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • Tube complement: 3-6SL7GT, 2-6L6GC
  • Choke filtering (LC)
  • Single channel with volume, bass & treble (Baxandal)
  • Center off; Power standby switch
  • Speaker out with ohms select: 4, 8 & 16
  • Cathode Bias High gain

Price: $2599 (speaker cabinet sold separately)

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CLIP 1: Jack Devine
~ 335 stock rhythm guitars, Kramer Pacer Stock (lead)
~ 2×12 Scumnico speaker
~ SM57 into a Chandler Mic pre into ProTools HD (delay added)CLIP 2-3: Joey Brasler
~ Recorded using an early 70’s Marshall 4×12
with 25w Celestion blackbacks
~ Close mic’d using a Sennheiser E906
~ Recorded dry using no effects or post-EQ
into a Pacifica Mic pre into ProTools