My first pedal is called the Pedal Pusher. It uses a sub-miniature tube with a full voltage power supply. The first stage gives a slight gain boost with volume and tone control. The tone control comes in the form of a 3-way tonal switch: “UP” is full-bodied w/gain boost, middle is uncolored with compression, and “down” is bright with a slight gain boost. Why the Pedal Pusher? Because one of its primary uses is in front of your pedals or pedal board.

pedal-pusher-2_s_1_240_0PRICE: $329

What is unique about that? You know we all love the organics that tubes provide. How about driving your pedals with a tube-infused guitar signal?! and, because the Pedal Pusher has a buffered output, the loading effects of all that interconnecting cable will be lifted. The high end sparkle that was lost is now restored. I have found that my pedals take on a tonefully different character. They like being driven with a low impedence signal. And my ears like it too! When not needed (really?), you can go into seamless true bypass.

Pedal Pusher 2

Watch Jason as he uses the Pedal Pusher as a boost: Here is a more demonstrative video that Jason put together:

Notice he runs through all the various functions. Now, Jason has the prototype. In the subsequent versions we’ve switched things around a bit more to make it more logical/ergonomic. The Pedal Pusher is point-to-point wired. The tubes are run at real world voltages (not starved-plate). It will work as a DI for you acoustic players (and take that clickiness out of your attack). It will transform your passive effects loop into an active one. Customization is available. We also include a ground lift switch for THOSE venues.

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Pedal Pusher Review