The Pedal Pusher is Genius

“The Pedal Pusher is genius. As many of us are aware you usually can’t put a buffer before fuzz and I was assured this is not the case with the Pedal Pusher
and true to form it was perfect. The extra detail it added to our guitar signals in the High Line Riders was palpable and very obvious simply by switching on and off.

In fact, my band mate wanted one once he plugged into mine so now. Gary Goodlow and I both have them and wouldn’t play without them. The “EQ” switch is brilliant and generally we both use the “fat” selection but the ability to switch to brighter or boost w/compression is very well thought out. Obvious care and amp/guitar expertise was employed. It adds clarity,detail and feel to your signal and the gain knob is extra nice if you need “more”. The way it interacts with our pedals and amps is a thing to behold.

– Our “secret weapon”
– Highly recommended”.

RSB Saying Thanks

I must tell you, this pedal makes a big difference in my sound. I’d say creates a bloom in my tone that sounds better all the time, so…now it’s my “always on” pedal.

I’m still experimenting with the 3-way tone selector; I like the top and bottom positions better than the middle, but all 3 are good.
From this pedal, my signal goes into a ToneBone Tri-Tone overdrive, then a Sonic Maximizer for guitar, then a Boss Stereo Delay which sends the signals to a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a Legend 30-watt combo (remember them?). My guitar is a Stratocaster ’57 reissue. Your pedal really helps enlarge the sound.
If you’re attending Guitarlington this year, I’ll look for you. Otherwise, I hope to see you at the Dallas show next spring.

Thanks, RSB